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New Markets

B2B Analysts flagship offering is our series of reports called New Markets.

New Markets are the definitive reports about an emerging application area: complete, accurate, clear, and actionable.

To prepare a New Markets report, we talk to literally dozens of companies and users. We sift through the claims and get to the value, actual and potential.

Our New Markets schedule for 2002 is as follows:

December 31, 2001
Web Conferencing and Knowledge Management

March 31, 2002
Strategic Sourcing

July 31, 2002
Collaborative Design

September 30, 2002
The Extended Supply Chain

December 31, 2002
Gen Z Portals

Each report defines the space and shows how value can be obtained from applications in the space.

The focus of each report is value. The report defines the minimum functionality needed to obtain value and identifies leaders and innovators, who do significantly more than the minimum.

The reports are comprehensive, containing detailed assessments on every vendor in the space. They are also clear, providing actionable information on every vendor.

These reports work very well for project teams who are charged with compiling short lists.

As a public service, we publish short versions of our company reviews on our web site. See Research.

For copies of the reports, contact us.