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About the Company

B2B Analysts was founded in 2001 because we saw a need in the marketplace for analysis of business applications that focused on their value and the way they were actually used.

At the time, there were any number of analysts who were cheering on applications, any kind of applications, no matter how silly or impractical. But there weren't any who could tell you which ones would provide value and how that value could be achieved.

Now, the pendulum has swung back. Anything with e- in it is suspect. But there is still no company that can identify the real, transformative applications and none that can address the problem of achieving value head-on.

Why can we do that? Well, experience for one thing. Our founders have been working on applications that improve corporate processes for many years. We have seen any number of pendulum swings: wild enthusiasm for innovations that would save the world and devastated reactions when they don't.

Over the years, we've developed a certain amount of insight into what works and what doesn't. For us, the proof is in the doing. We have helped many companies get real value from the right applications. We plan to continue to do so.

ISo people do keep on asking us, "Why B2B? Isn't B2B dead?"

Maybe the hype is dead. But we're in it for the long haul. Over the next 5 to 10 years, commerce will be fundamentally restructured as companies learn how to exploit the Internet. The ability to take advantage of this restructuring will prove critical. Those who can will live and prosper. Those who can't will die. We want to help companies live and prosper by developing these abilities, and we think putting B2B in the name expresses that.

B2B may be dead this year, but we've been through the cycles more than once. We're pretty sure there will be an apparently miraculous resurrection.

Our customers recognize this. They need a company that is out there — this year and every year — looking for strategies and technologies that are potentially transformative. We are that company.

To assess their opportunities, our customers need a company with the experience, balance, judgment, and integrity to judge what is pragmatic and what is unworkable. We are that company.

We succeed when we help our customers find and use innovative technologies that provide transformative value.

People who work at B2B Analysts have extensive experience with business applications. They pride themselves on their objectivity, clarity, and incisiveness.

Our published research is not paid for or subsidized by any software company. To see the difference this philosophy makes, look at the sample research published on this site.