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We are the great assistants you never had. We work fast. We know what we're doing. We are accurate and clear. And we understand your issues.

We're active in getting you what you want, and we're proactive, too. When you need us to find out something, we go after it fast. And when we find out something you should know, we put it on your desk.

Here are some things we've done recently:

  • Laid out a knowledge management program for a CIO who'd been handed that as an MBO.
  • Analyzed the costs/benefits of a proposed upgrade, which resulted in a significant change in direction for the project.
  • Held a B2B strategy session in a highly diverse company, which resulted in better focus on short-term results.
  • Helped a company to decommit temporarily to a badly flawed software package by showing how the same benefits could be achieved through process change.

When you sign up for strategic advisory services, here's what you get:

  • We work with you on and your team on site so that we can get to understand your organization, your business requirements, and your strategic information plan.
  • We agree on a series of strategic projects that we are well-equipped to do, ranging from establishing a new strategic information plan to educating your C-level peers on the benefits of new technologies to making rational choices among competing projects
  • We provide rapid telephone and e-mail access to you and your staff and on-site access as needed.
  • We give you access to all our published materials, but only alert you to material that bears on your immediate needs.
  • As conditions change, we take up new projects or wrap up old ones, so that we are only doing what you need now.

For these services, you pay a monthly retainer based on the level of effort expected. Typical contracts last for six months. This form of engagement assures maximum flexibility.

For more information about these services, contact us.