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B2B Analysts, Inc. welcomes contact with the press.

Please call if you would like background or commentary on almost any subject pertaining to enterprise applications. We've been covering the area for a number of years, so we can often set a current event in perspective or provide explanations or motivation that is not available to others.

We rarely issue press releases. But we will notify you some time in advance of the release of our reports, and we will make copies available to you on a case-by-case basis.

If you are on deadline and need a comment, please feel free to call either Rick McLaughlin or David Dobrin at 617 864-9032. We will try to get back to you as quickly as possible.

Remember, we are objective and vendor neutral. Unlike most analyst firms, we accept a very limited amount of money from software vendors, and we never accept money for any kind of commentary about the vendors.

If you visit our web site from time to time, you will see three features that are updated frequently: Short Takes , The Biz, and Spotlight on Innovation . They provide interesting background and story ideas. If you wish, we will send you these by e-mail as soon as they are put up on the site. To sign up, use the forms provided or send an e-mail to info@b2banalysts.com, identifying yourself as a member of the press.

For recent appearances in the press, see our quotes page.