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Financial Analysts

We work with both buy-side and sell-side analysts in the application software space. We provide our clients with clear, candid, and brief information about vendors (public and private) and about their products are being used.

We cover the 10 most important application software companies (i2, SSA GT, Manugistics, Oracle, PeopleSoft, SAP, Microsoft, Ariba, Siebel, etc.) and their serious competitors.

We also cover what we call innovation areas — new application software spaces where there is likely to be significant growth.

In innovation areas, we try to stay approximately one year ahead of the market, so that you will already know a market and its likely winners and losers before the public gets excited.

In innovation areas, we cover both public and private companies.

To determine the overlap between your coverage and ours, look in Research.

We limit the number of financial analyst clients. By being relatively exclusive and by providing frequent access, we feel we can give these clients an edge.

We differ from the mass-market analyst firms in three respects:

  • Our research goes into greater depth
  • Our personnel have far more experience
  • We will not take material amounts of money from any vendor. (See our Code of Ethics.)

A year-long advisory service includes the following:

  • A subscription to Short Takes, which comes out about 30 times a year.
  • E-mail and phone access as needed.
  • Two in-person briefings
  • Discounts on our other publications, such as Short Views

We have frequent contact with application vendors and with the customers of application vendors. More important, we have watched these companies for a long time. We understand their products and we understand what it takes to get value out of them. We can put day-to-day events--a new customer, a product announcement, or a competitor's claims--into an appropriate and sensible context. There are days when you need that.

For more information about these services, contact us.