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Our customers lead busy, complicated lives. They need to know what they need to know right away. They want analysis that is directly relevant to them.

For expertise in the areas we cover, they have traditionally looked to the mass market analyst firms. But what they want is more depth, insight, and objectivity than these firms have historically delivered.

They also want the expertise to be directly relevant to their needs. They don't want to waste time explaining their issues or educating their consultants.

At the same time, they know they need to keep up on what's important. They want a stream of reliable and relevant information, but they don't want a fire hose.

We provide both: relevant, in-person strategic advice and a stream of interesting, useful published information that doesn't just help you keep up. It keeps you ahead.

Most customers are with us for the long haul. For them, we have our high-impact strategic advisory services — a flexible mix of consulting and publications tailored to your needs and able to respond to changes in business conditions.

Some customers are more interested in buying by the drink. We are happy to accommodate them. Any publication can be bought individually, and if you want us to go into greater depth, we are happy to provide consulting services on the same basis, if time is available.

Strategic Advisory Services

Think of us as that really smart assistant you never were able to find. We work for you; we work fast; we get right back to you; and you don't have to worry about whether we know what we're doing.

A really good assistant is pro-active and re-active. Our active research programs make us pro-active. If you're a client, you get the published research that is relevant to your needs, plus you get brief, personal summaries pointing out what you need to know about.

But you also have specific needs. If you're a client, we answer questions, look into issues, notify you when something occurs that might affect you, and help you work through strategies. We do a lot of e-mail and quick phone calls, but also some regular in-person, in-depth briefings.

At the beginning of the relationship, we invest time getting to know your company and your issues. We hope to be working with you for a long time.

If you are interested in these services, you are a CIO, a financial analyst, a partner at a consulting company, or a senior strategist at a software company. Consult the relevant section of this web site for more details.

Individual Publications and Custom Research

All our research tracks innovation and value in corporate applications.

Our research goes into great detail, but none of our customers want that much detail. They just want the detail that's relevant to them.

So we run three different publication series, each designed for a different audience with different needs. Any of these series is available by subscription or individually.

The three are:

New Markets (four per year). These are our flagship reports, designed for people who want to understand hot new areas of innovation and find the winning companies and applications.

Short Takes (frequent). These focus on individual companies. They include descriptions of interesting companies, periodic reviews of the Big 7 application companies, comments on market trends, and alerts. Short Takes are designed for people who track the corporate applications market professionally.

Short Views (four per year). Short Views is our quarterly overview of market trends, designed for people who need to keep up with the ways in which corporate applications are generating value.

We also keep a database of information about companies and applications. We are likely to be reasonably familiar even with small companies that play in a space we care about.

You can see free samples of our reports and get limited access to our company database from our web site. If you would like to talk about any of this research please contact us.

We offer a money-back guarantee on all advisory services and publications.