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Our services for consulting companies were created by consultants for consultants. We understand your business, and we've built a business that was designed from the ground up to complement what you do.

A relationship with us is fundamentally different from a relationship with the mass-market analyst firms. Here's how:

We're objective. Unlike other tech analyst firms, we take very little money from software companies. Our opinions are not for sale, directly or indirectly.

We understand your business. Our founders were both partners in consulting firms before joining B2B Analysts. We have literally decades of global experience doing implementations and software selections of all kinds. We deal frequently and comfortably with the highest levels of an organization. Did you know that most tech analyst firms do not hire former consultants? We seek them out.

Our business model complements the consulting model. We bring you expertise that no profitable consulting company can afford to develop. With our low overhead and high leverage, we can spend 50% of our time on research, which makes us a cost-effective replacement for the internal research groups that large consulting companies used to maintain.

We don't just print opinions; we help you with clients. We work with your strategy team, with your partners in sales situations, and with your on-the-ground delivery teams. What's more, our counsel on new markets, our alliance services, our marketing events, and our private-label research help you with forward revenue.

We have the depth and breadth you need. Specialists at consulting firms usually know more than the analyst firms do. But they don't have the breadth that only full time attention to a space can give you. We can work with the specialists and often supplement what they know in innovation areas. But we also have the breadth that consulting firms can't afford to develop.

We help you see over the technology horizon. Consulting firms need to understand where and how to invest in technology, but technology imperatives have changed three times now in the past three years. Other analyst firms have been little more than cheerleaders for the latest fad. We have more balance and experience than they do, and we spend more time on innovation than you do. This adds up to the guidance you need when making investment decisions.

For simplicity's sake, a consulting client will typically sign a company-wide agreement. We then work with different parts of the company in a variety of ways. We do any or all of the following:

  • Periodic briefings for strategy teams or practice teams on industry trends and innovations. Our current briefing program covers Strategic Sourcing. It runs till the end of May.
  • Subscriptions for senior people to Short Takes and Short Views. Partners are allowed to forward these (or the reports they are based on) to clients. You may also distribute our publications under your brand.
  • Work with your teams on client engagements or on sales. In those situations, we are private-label consultants, acting as members of your team.
  • Due diligence on alliances, plus work with your alliance team on alliance identification
  • Industry roundtables, where we brief group of your potential clients on what's next.
  • Market research and analysis. The essential problem for consulting firms is how to approach the technology markets when projects are smaller. Most customers aren't buying new ERP systems; they're doing infill, extension, or upgrade. We bring you a point of view about current market situations, and we help you with the perennial problem of where and how to invest, where and how to bring your strengths forward.

For more information about these services, contact us.