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Short Takes

B2B Analysts issues brief bulletins about market trends, value issues, or software companies, whenever there is a reason to do so. We call these Short Takes.

Sample Short Takes can be found in Research.

Our Financial Analyst and Consultant clients rely on Short Takes for timely information and analysis. If they are advisory service clients, they can follow up with us on the reports that interest them or forward the reports to their clients.

We will issue a Short Take about almost any company that we review, so a complete collection of Short Takes serves as a set of reference documents on the state of the market.

We cover the Big 7 enterprise application companies (i2, JDE, Manugistics, Oracle, PeopleSoft, SAP, and Siebel) and other publicly traded company that we regard as important. We will issue a Short Take after each visit to a user conference or whenever there is a change in status.

If you would like to subscribe to Short Takes, please contact us.