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In August, 2002, B2B Analysts recently released a 175-page report on strategic sourcing technologies, which we sold for $2200.00.

Since it is over a year since the report was published, we have made many of the conclusions publicly available on the web. You can get summaries of our assessments of all the vendors we covered (43 in all) by following the links at left.

Most analyst firms who publish reports would never let anybody see them a year later. Their conclusions would look too odd.

But we find that overall, we still agree with most of what we said back then. Companies that we thought were in trouble back then (many of whom called us and gave us a piece of their mind) have mostly been acquired or gone out of business. Companies that we thought were strong have mostly gained share.

One reason for this is that the report was (and is) the only report on the market that can fairly claim to be neutral and objective.

We are now in the process of revising this report. If you would like a copy of the new assessments when they are released, please contact us.

Like the old report, the new report is more than a series of assessments. The report talks at some length about assessing one's own sourcing capabilities and deciding on a strategy for improving sourcing maturity. Auctions are not enough, we have all discovered; as the report points out, they are often not even the best way in.

The new (and old) reports also contain a discussion of what companies should look for in sourcing vendors and a method for evaluating the maturity of product offerings. This has some real value for companies that are seriously interested in sourcing software.

If you would like a copy of the old report while you are waiting for the new one, do contact us.

You can also get assessments of individual companies by selecting from the list below.

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In the meantime, a buyer's guide to other reports on e-sourcing.