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From RFx to Contract

Some vendors specialize in supporting only a few specific sourcing functions, ranging from RFx to contract management.

Especially now, when the functionality of many broad-based vendors is incomplete, we think that several of them can make a compelling case to the right company.

Take contract management vendors as an example. We include contract management in our report as a sourcing function that is supported by sourcing technology vendors. But contract management is also its own field, and there are many vendors (including diCarta, listed below) in that field that don't even consider themselves to be sourcing vendors.

All the vendors shown below can legitimately make a claim to be best in breed in their specific areas.

To get our publicly available information about them, click on the logo. To get the full scoop, contact Rick McLaughlin at (617) 864-9032 or rick@b2banalysts.com.

RFx/Auction/Award Vendors

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RFx and Contract




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