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Sourcing service companies provide technology that supports sourcing, but they also provide expertise and services that are often much of what you pay for.

We think this is a good model. Even companies with sophisticated sourcing operations cannot necessarily afford to maintain the expertise across multiple spend categories that these companies offer. And only a few companies are so capable that they can't do with some help through the entire process of setting up and running an event. This is a new process for most people, and it takes time to learn how to do it.

The technology that you get from these companies varies in quality. Some of the best technology they have may in fact be used only internally to support their experts.

The most successful companies at this feel justified in charging you appropriately for what is a high-end product. We cannot judge in individual circumstances, but we do think there is a good chance that you get what you pay for.

Companies that fall into this category include the following. To get our publicly available information about them, click on the logo. To get the full scoop, contact Rick McLaughlin at (617) 864-9032 or rick@b2banalysts.com.

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