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In some industries, the key sourcing problems are mission-critical and highly specialized.

In those industries, sourcing solutions have emerged that are focused on these key problems.

Use them.

We don't think there's any way that a broad-based vendor or an ERP vendor can match their capabilities or return the value they return. To get software that was remotely competitive, the broad-based vendor would have to learn how those problems work, build software that addresses them, get the software out, test it on willing guinea pigs, and improve it.

That takes time, and it takes resources, and these days, the broad-based vendors are reluctant to take on new investments.

A sampling of vendors who have special capabilities for a particular industry is shown below.

To get our publicly available information about them, click on the logo. To get the full scoop, contact Rick McLaughlin at (617) 864-9032 or rick@b2banalysts.com.


Nexprise Spacer

Electronics and High-Tech

Agile Polydyne
Tradec Spacer

Entertainment, Railroad, or CPG Specialization

Barlex Clarus
Mindflow Spacer

Utilities, Transportation, Other Asset-Intensive

Datastream Indus
Mincom MRO