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Good data empowers sourcing organizations. It helps them choose the right categories, develop the right strategies, negotiate the right things.

But in most organizations, good data is a rare thing. Good decisions are made in spite of the underlying data, not because of it.

Over the past few years, a small niche software area called catalog management has developed some tools that can help improve data. The do this in two ways. First, by working with an e-procurement system, they give you far more accurate information about what was actually bought. Second, by working with an analytic system, they provide you tools with which you can clean up the data.

Four of the vendors listed below is a specialist in catalogue management, whose focus is on improving the power of e-procurement systems. Three offer a technology-empowered data cleansing service.

To get our publicly available information about them, click on the logo. To get the full scoop, contact Rick McLaughlin at (617) 864-9032 or rick@b2banalysts.com.

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