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Taking the Subway

It's only $1.25. Take the Red Line T to Harvard Square. When you get here, exit through the main gates.

Welcome to Harvard Square. On your right is the world famous Out of Town News, where you can pick up the latest copy of CIO Magazine or Optimize. On your left is a brand new building. This brand new building replaced a really great building that housed, among other landmarks, The Tasty, which was the cafe that Matt Damon and Minnie Driver ate at in Good Will Hunting (not the Bow & Arrow Pub where they met. That's down the street.)

When you get to JFK street (straight ahead after exiting the T), look at the building across the street and to your left.

The third floor corner offices of Dewey, Cheetham & Howe are home to our neighbors, Car Talk. For those of you who aren't familiar with Car Talk, it is an NPR program that employs hilarity and wit in discussions of everything from seat belts & SUVs to spark plugs & engine coolant. The first floor corner store is the Curious George bookstore. Almost everyone knows Curious George and his tomfoolery, but If you are one of the unlucky few, be sure to run in and read up. The very first, eponymous book is recommended.

Walk across the street (be sure to wait for a walk sign!), and head to our building. It's 5 JFK Street. The entrance is to the left of Curious George, next to Vision House. When you get to the doorway, you will see just how dangerous working in this building can be - three rare book stores!

B2B Analysts, Inc. is on the fourth floor, suite 404.

When you come in, you may see Laika the B2B Analysts mascot.

You will most certainly see our President working hard.

If you are good, you may come into his office. Don't bother to say, "Hello." Just check out the view, the best in Harvard Square.

While you are there, why not look to the left?

Well, welcome to B2B Analysts, Inc.'s world headquarters.